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  • Foods Alive - 8

Foods Alive - 8" Straight Glass Drinking Straw W/Carry Case (Smoothie Size)

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Product Description:

We know that you love to use your glass straw any chance you get. So we're now offering this sweet combo, so that you can take your glass straw anywhere you go. These unique 8-inch glass drinking straws are environmentally friendly and incredibly elegant. When you use your glass straw, you reduce the number of plastic straws that end up in your landfill and avoid consuming the toxins that plastic straws can leach into your drinks. A smart buy and a unique gift, each and every one of these straws is good for the environment and good for you. They're made of extremely durable handmade glass and are ideal for drinks or smoothies. Our glass straws are lead-free because they are made with Borosilicate (Pyrex grade) glass. The glass drinking straw travel case is the perfect way to take your smoothie sized 8-inch glass straw on the go. With its secure snap-lock mechanism, you can be sure that your glass straw will be safe and sound whether you are traveling locally to meet up with a friend for lunch or packing it away in a suitcase for a road trip.

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