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  • Foods Alive - Asian Ginger Superfood Dressing (8 oz)

Foods Alive - Asian Ginger Superfood Dressing (8 oz)

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Product Description:

If you're looking for a great-tasting Asian dressing that doesn't sacrifice its quality and taste, then look no further! This superfood dressing is sure to put some of the best Asian sauces to shame with the amazing taste that bursts forth from every bite. It begins when our hemp oil and black sesame oil unite with zesty ginger, savory garlic, and a dash of cayenne to create a mouth-dazzling sensation reminiscent of the orient. You will never use another unhealthy salad dressing again!

The great thing about this superfood dressing is the fact that it's made with our very own artisan cold-pressed Black Sesame and Hemp Oil (contains over 50% Black Sesame & Hemp Oil by volume).


Hemp oil*, black sesame oil*, filtered water, Bragg liquid aminos(a non-GMO, wheat-free soy sauce), coconut sugar*, rice vinegar*, ginger powder*, chia seed*, Himalayan pink salt, garlic granules*, chili powder*, cayenne pepper*.

*Organic Ingredient

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